About Harvest Moon - Harvest Moon Floral Art

About Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Floral Art is a seasonal, natural, sustainable floral design studio based in Norton, Teesside. 

With an ethos that celebrates the seasons whilst focusing on sustainably; we work with trusted suppliers and local flower growers to bring you beautiful floral designs.  

Sourcing seasonal flowers locally enables us to cut out thousands of air miles each year reducing our carbon foot print. Additionally having a good relationship with our flower growers gives us peace of mind that the flowers were grown and farmed in fair conditions and without the use of pesticides. We also look for alternative resources that are kinder to the environment when designing our arrangements – we don’t use any floral foam, we avoid using single-use plastics and continually seek out alternative products that are recyclable or compostable.  Our aim is to create beautiful floral designs whilst being kind to nature. 

If you are interested in any of our services please contact us, we’d love to talk about flowers with you!